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Call for partners

The Steering Committee and Indigenous Services Canada are seeking partners for the Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative (the Initiative). Partners will work directly with Indigenous innovators through an ‘Accelerator,’ a process designed to provide Innovators the support and services needed to refine and advance promising ideas. The Accelerator will begin in the late fall of 2019 and provide support for up to 18 months. Funding is available for partners who provide support.

The Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative supports innovative ideas

The Initiative funds projects led by Indigenous individuals, communities and organizations to design and build more effective, sustainable and culturally inspired living spaces by and for Indigenous peoples. An Indigenous Steering Committee, comprised of First Nations, Inuit and Métis Nation experts, leads the Initiative.

What we’re looking for

The Initiative is seeking individuals, along with private and non-profit organizations, able to provide expertise, services and resources to Indigenous innovators. The Steering Committee will be reviewing proposed ideas and screening in participants to the Accelerator in late fall of 2019. At that point they will know the specific type and volume of expertise and services required needed for the Accelerator. These supports are expected to include:

    • Project management
    • Architecture
    • Engineering (civil and geotechnical)
    • Community planning
    • Land-use planning and land surveying
    • Business and financial planning, cost consultancy
    • Seed capital, investment and financial strategies
    • Legal services
    • Software and website development
    • Workspaces and equipment
    • Supporting funding
    • Other - If you’d like to provide expertise or service that you think is relevant to the Initiative but we have not listed here, please email us.

    The Accelerator will involve a mix of paid and in-kind support.

    How to apply

    By August 1, 2019, please submit an Expression of Interest of up to five pages that describes:

    • How you or your organization can assist Indigenous innovators
    • What in-kind support you can provide to Indigenous innovators
    • Which services must be paid for and how much they cost
    • What experience you have or your organization has with innovative Indigenous housing projects
    • What experience you have or your organization has working with Indigenous partners
    • A simple pitch that we will pass on to Indigenous innovators indicating why they should partner with you

    The process

    1. Indigenous Services Canada reviews all Expressions of Interest and selects the partners based on the anticipated needs of innovators.
    2. Indigenous Services Canada meets with selected partners to discuss potential partnership and negotiate the terms of agreements in principle.
    3. The Steering Committee members receive a list of selected partners which they will share with the innovators selected for the Accelerator.
    4. As Indigenous-led collaboration is a key principle of the Initiative, innovators will select partners to help develop their projects.
    5. Partners selected by innovators will sign agreements with Indigenous Services Canada or a supporting partner to provide specific services or resources.
    6. The Accelerator launches and the collaboration between the innovators and partners begins.

    Thank you for your interest in the Indigenous Homes Innovation Initiative!

    Initiative details

    Who can apply?

    • Individuals of First Nation, Inuit or Métis Nation heritage
    • Representatives of First Nation, Inuit or Métis Nation government
    • Indigenous representatives of a First Nation-, Inuit- or Métis Nation- owned and operated private or not-for-profit entity

    Key Dates

    • Launch and call for ideas open: April 11, 2019
    • Application Deadline: August 1, 2019
    • First-stage screening: up to 24 applicants selected for Accelerator
    • Accelerator Period: Beginning fall 2019
    • Second-stage screening:15 to 24 projects selected for implementation: Beginning spring 2020
    • Project Implementation Period: 2020-2023
    • Lessons Learned and Knowledge Sharing: 2022-2023


    • Accelerator Period: Up to 24 applicants will receive up to $350,000 worth of funding and support services (a period of up to 18 months).
    • Project Implementation Period: 15 to 24 projects that successfully complete the Accelerator Period will receive up to $2 million per project for construction.