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The Challenge

Innovation is the key to understanding and enabling how we can improve our electrical grid. We are looking for disruptive technologies to develop, maintain and maximize our power grids and energy systems.

Make the connection

Applicants are asked to build collaborative teams with representatives from both Canadian and U.K.-based firms (at least 20% of the proposed project should include firms from the partner country).

Apply for financial support

A total of $1 million/£600,000 in each country will be given to eligible teams in need of financial support who have the most promising project vision.

Submit your electrifying idea

Tell us why your team deserves the $3 million/£1.8 million to demonstrate your project on a pilot-scale. We want the highest-impact solution that can integrate a broad range of energy sources to the grid while contributing to a flexible and reliable supply of electricity.

Solutions will need to be disruptive, modular, scalable and interoperable and demonstrate clear value to the end user and the grid. Teams will have to be international and bring together various energy resources, as well as a variety of innovative software and hardware solutions.

Three Canadian and three U.K.-based project teams will be chosen to move on to the finals.

Show us your transformative technologies

Six teams will receive up to $3 million each to conduct a pilot-scale demonstration of their smart grid solutions.

One team to win it all

From the six finalists a $1-million prize will be awarded to the team with the best-in-class solution.

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