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When partnering with federal organizations, Impact Canada challenges can either be run through a “program stream”, where a portfolio of challenges is managed as a stand-alone program, or as “individual projects”, where funds are carved out of an existing program.

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Program Streams

Program streams are authorities given to a federal partner organization to manage a portfolio of challenges over a longer period in their policy area. This approach helps build internal capacity, dedicates specific human resources, and provides flexibilities for federal partners to adapt along the way.

Cleantech Impact

Natural Resources Canada launched the $75M clean technology stream to address persistent barriers in cleantech development and adoption, setting ambitious but achievable goals in order to identify and develop breakthrough solutions.

Smart Cities

Smart Cities Challenge to help communities of all sizes improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. Delivered by Infrastructure Canada and contributing $300M in funding over 11 years.

Food Waste Reduction

In Canada and around the world, food waste continues to increase, resulting in an overuse of our natural resources such as water, soil and land, while contributing excess greenhouse gas emissions to our atmosphere. Meanwhile, a growing number of Canadians are facing food insecurity. In response, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), under the Food Policy for Canada, is launching the $20M Food Waste Reduction Challenge which includes four complementary innovation streams.

Housing Supply

The Housing Supply Challenge invites citizens, stakeholders, and experts to propose solutions to the barriers to new housing supply. The challenge, delivered by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, will distribute $300 million in funding over 5 years. There will be 6 rounds in the challenge. Each round awards proposals that address housing supply barriers such as building timelines, construction productivity, and improving data on land availability.

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