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Afri-Plastics Challenge: Creating Solutions

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£750,000 Chemolex (Nairobi, Kenya)

Chemolex Team

Chemolex’s Biopactic solution is a recyclable, reusable and 100% biodegradable next-generation material that completely replaces the use of single-use plastic polymers in food and product packaging as well as in manufacturing diapers. The biopactic material is bio-based material that is produced from invasive water hyacinth plants that grows aggressively in Lake Victoria in Kenya.

By utilising the invasive water hyacinth plants to produce the sustainable Biopactic material, they are able to reduce the environmental, health and economic adverse impacts caused by the aggressive growth of the water hyacinth and also reduce the use of single-use plastic materials in diapers and also product/food packaging.

£250,000 EcoCoCo Homecare (Kilifi, Kenya)

The team EcoCoCo working with coconut fibre

EcoCoCo Homecare is spearheading the development of EcoCoco, a range of multi-purpose everyday home care products made from compostable natural coconut fibre. These will include scouring pads, scrubbing brushes and brooms with coconut fibre bristles. The coconut husk fibre is the outside of the coconut; considered waste from coconuts consumption and oil production. The brushes’ and brooms’ body and handles will be made from wood offcuts recycled from timber yards and commercial carpentry. These biodegradable, plastic-free alternatives will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste produced by each household.

£100,000 Toto Safi (Kigali, Rwanda)

Reusable cloth diapers being made with a sewing machine

Toto Safi’s solution is a reusable cloth diapers-as-as service so that parents do not have to choose between convenience and pollution. For many parents, reusable nappies are neither affordable nor convenient as they may lack adequate washing and drying facilities or are put off by upfront costs.

Toto Safi’s app-based service facilitates the reduction of single-use disposable diapers, a major source of land and marine pollution. Through this app, parents will be able to receive a fresh bundle of clean and sterilised cloth diapers, at an affordable cost.