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Aqualunar Challenge

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Challenge details

Who can apply?

Eligible Applicants to the challenge include the following:

  • Businesses or other for-profit organizations in Canada;
  • Not-for-profit organizations in Canada;
  • Indigenous organizations and groups located in Canada;
  • Post-secondary/academic institutions located in Canada; and
  • Individuals or groups of individuals based in Canada.

Individuals or groups of individuals are encouraged to submit an application to the challenge, but in order to be eligible to receive prizes, they will be required to establish a Canadian legal entity (such as a corporation or a not-for-profit organization) capable of entering into binding agreements in Canada.

Key Dates

Stage 1

  • Concept Design due April 8th, 2024
  • Up to 8 Semi-Finalists Announced: Summer 2024

Stage 2

  • Begins June 2024
  • Final Reports and virtual demonstration videos due January 2025
  • Up to 4 Finalists Announced: Spring 2025

Stage 3

  • Begins Spring 2025
  • Applications due: January 2026

Canadian Grand Prize Winner

  • Announced in Spring 2026