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COVID-19 Communications to Drive Positive Behaviour Change

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Using Behavioural Science to support government COVID-19 communications and public education initiatives

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In support of federal response efforts, Impact Canada has analysed over 125 sources of information to gain insights on what is working in COVID-19 communication campaigns and policy responses internationally, as well as what has been effective during past epidemics. By applying a behavioural science lens to messaging and design components of COVID-19 communications materials, we can help maximize their accuracy and effectiveness in promoting the desired health and response behaviours (e.g., hand washing and physical distancing).

In a time where the individual and collective actions of Canadians is critically important to reducing the spread of the virus, communications materials need to reflect our best understanding of human behaviour.

What is Behavioural Science?

Behavioral science includes a number of fields dealing with the subject of human actions, including psychology, economics, and other social sciences. At Impact Canada, we apply behavioural science to the work of government. Insights are tested using rigorous experimental methodologies to understand what works in driving better public policy outcomes for Canadians.

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More communication campaign waves are coming! Impact Canada continues to dedicate resources, including digital communications and behavioural science expertise to develop behaviourally-informed messaging and visuals. Simultaneously, rigorous data collection and testing is underway that take communications initiatives in the pipeline from from ‘insights-informed’ (i.e., based on literature and international findings, as described) to ‘data-driven’ (i.e., built upon the findings of robust research in the current Canadian context).

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Support the development of federal COVID-19 communications to drive positive behavioural change.


Application of the principles of behavioural insights and what is working internationally to the development of federal COVID-19 communications campaigns.

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