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Behavioural Insights

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Supporting Sustainable Choices with Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC)

Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) works to protect and conserve our natural heritage, while ensuring a clean, safe, and sustainable environment for present and future generations. In support of this mandate, an Impact Canada Fellow is leveraging the principles of behavioural insights to better understand how Canadians can reduce plastics waste, take meaningful actions to address climate change, and support the transition to a circular economy. By designing and testing behaviourally-informed interventions, this work will help ECCC deliver policies and programs that effectively encourage sustainable choices from Canadians.

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Improving GBA+ with Women and Gender Equality (WAGE)

Gender-based Analysis Plus (GBA+) is an analytical process used to understand how diverse groups of women, men, and non-binary people experience policies, programs, and initiatives. Working with the Department for Women and Gender Equality, an Impact Canada Fellow leveraged behavioural insights to develop an approach to identify and understand culture and attitudes surrounding GBA+ in the public service, develop an approach to evaluating the efficacy of GBA+ training, and design interventions to improve the quality of GBA+ in policy and program development.

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Promoting Healthy Behaviours with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

The Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) Multisectoral Partnership Program (MSP) advances innovative solutions to public health challenges by providing the co-investment needed to test or scale-up the most promising primary prevention interventions. An Impact Canada Fellow is working with the department to help improve the outcomes of MSP’s portfolio of interventions by leveraging behavioural insights. With a strong understanding of what works in supporting and sustaining healthy behaviour change, PHAC can better encourage Canadians to live healthier.

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Supporting the Safety of Canadians with Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP)

The Federal Policing Criminal Operations unit supports specialized programs and teams who work in collaboration with domestic and international partners on intelligence-led investigations. The investigations focus on combating the risks presented to Canadians by organized crime groups. The unit is working with an Impact Canada Fellow to use an evidence-based approach informed by behavioural insights to help improve program outcomes and support the safety of Canadians.

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Increasing Adoption of Security Behaviours with Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Global Affairs Canada (GAC) is redesigning its security awareness strategies for employees and Canadians travelling abroad. An Impact Canada Fellow is working on several behavioural insights trials to help GAC determine what works in increasing the adoption of appropriate security behaviours both domestically and internationally. These projects involve examining human factor analysis in IT security and testing innovative ways to encourage safety practices among employees.

Impact Measurement

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Strengthening Impact Measurement with Heritage Canada (PCH)

The Multiculturalism Program at Heritage Canada (PCH) is one means by which the Government of Canada implements the Canadian Multiculturalism Act to advance priorities in the areas of multiculturalism and anti-racism. An Impact Canada Fellow is working with the Multiculturalism Policy Directorate to apply new impact measurement methodologies to program interventions to better understand what works, for whom, and to what extent, in the effort to achieve the equality of all Canadians in the economic, social, cultural and political life of Canada.

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Making the Public Service more Accessible with Treasury Board of Canada (TBS)

The Office of Public Service Accessibility (OPSA) is crafting a strategy to remove the barriers that prevent people with disabilities from reaching their full potential as employees within the public service. By striving to become an inclusive employer, the Government of Canada hopes to lead the way on accessibility and to test innovative approaches that can serve as an example for other federally regulated workplaces in Canada. An Impact Canada Fellow specializing in impact measurement is building evaluation mechanisms into this strategy to help inform future accessibility initiatives across the country.

Innovative Finance

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Innovative Financing for Development with Global Affairs Canada (GAC)

Global Affairs Canada is expanding its set of development financing tools to give the Government of Canada greater flexibility for financing arrangements and partnerships that help deliver on the Feminist International Assistance Policy. Two Impact Canada Fellows are bringing their financial expertise to the new International Assistance Innovation and Sovereign Loans Programs. These programs are developing and designing innovative financing structures that contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, while ensuring Canada remains at the leading edge of development finance.

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Scaling Social Finance with Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC)

Public Health Agency of Canada’s (PHAC) Multisectoral Partnerships Program is working with an Impact Canada Fellow specializing in innovative finance in order to develop a social finance strategy and test new methods of funding and scaling projects that promote healthy living and prevent chronic disease in vulnerable populations. The Fellow will also manage a contract to identify how the program can more strategically engage with matched funding partners. PHAC is leveraging its experience to become a Canadian leader in outcomes-based funding models.