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Food Waste Reduction Challenge: Novel Technologies

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Process & prizes

  • Stage 1 – Application Intake for Streams C and D

    Summer 2021

    Applicants with solutions based on novel technologies to extend the life of food or transform food waste are invited to apply to Streams C and D. The deadline to apply is August 31, 2021 at 11:59 PM Pacific Daylight Time. At this stage of the challenge, applicants are competing for approximately $100,000 in grant funding and the chance to become a Semi-Finalist entering Stage 2 of the competition.

  • Stage 2 – Up to 18 Semi-Finalists Will Develop Prototypes

    Late Fall / Winter 2021

    Up to 18 Semi-Finalists will be selected to participate in Stage 2 of the challenge. These Semi-Finalists will have eight months to build or complete an existing prototype of their technology. At this stage, Semi-Finalists are competing for approximately $450,000 and the chance to compete in Stage 3 of the competition.

  • Stage 3 – Up to 6 Finalists Will Demonstrate The Effectiveness of Their Solutions

    Late Fall / Winter 2022

    Up to 6 Finalists will be selected to participate in Stage 3. At this stage, Finalists have one year to advance their prototypes and test them in an operational environment with at least one implementation partner. They will also evaluate the effectiveness of their solutions by measuring and reporting against the assessment criteria.

    Finalists at this stage are competing to become one of two Grand Prize Winners who will receive approximately $1,000,000 in grant funding. Other non-monetary benefits may also be offered to participants.

  • Grand Prize Winners Selected

    Spring 2024

    Two Grand Prize Winners will be selected from among the Finalists and announced in Spring 2024.

Note: The number of winners and prize amounts may vary. Please refer to the applicant guide for a more detailed description of the application process, prize amounts and challenge stages.

Challenge details: Streams C and D

Who can apply

  • Businesses and social enterprises of any size
  • Not-for-profit and charitable organizations
  • Indigenous organizations and groups
  • Post-secondary/academic institutions
  • Individuals or group of individuals

International applicants with a Canadian partner or an ability to register to do business in Canada are encouraged to apply.

Key dates

  • August 31, 2021
    Stage 1 - Concept application deadline
  • Late Fall / Winter 2021
    Up to 18 semi-finalists announced
  • Late Fall / Winter 2022
    Stage 2 - Up to 6 finalists announced
  • Spring 2024
    Stage 3 - 2 Grand Prize Winners announced


  • $100,000
    Up to 18 semi-finalists will be selected in Stage 1 and will receive approximately $100,000.
  • $450,000
    Semi-finalists will move into Stage 2 and compete for a chance to be a finalists and receive approximately $450,000.
  • $1,000,000
    Finalists will compete in Stage 3 to win one of two Grand Prizes of up to $1,000,000.