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The Challenge

Green Aviation Fuels Innovation Competition


Gate 1 — Now boarding

Think your idea can take flight? Submit your plan for why we should support your consortium. The top four teams will win $2 million in funding.

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Layover — Make your connection!

Join us at the upcoming forum where participants can meet with the best of the green aviation fuels industry — from investors to airlines.

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Arrivals — Show us your greenest fuel

The top four teams will submit their 10L sample for judgement. Produce the greenest and most cost-effective biojet fuel in Canada and win the $5 million grand prize!

Cross-Canada Flight Competition


3,000 km flight

The prize will be awarded to the first producer to make a made-in-Canada biojet fuel that meets all the criteria for a major Canadian airline to purchase and use for a flight across Canada. The winner receives $1 million!

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