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Impact Canada is now accepting Fellowship placement proposals for its 2020-21 cohort!

Boost your team’s capacity and expertise to help government achieve goals that will benefit all Canadians.

"The rest of government could learn a thing or two from the Fellowship program on how to identify a need, articulate that need to the market, evaluate candidates, truly pick winners and then assign them accordingly."

Host Manager

How does the Fellowship program work?


Organizations submit a placement proposal to the Fellowship program, for consideration by Impact Canada.

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Together, Impact Canada’s centre of expertise and host organizations selected for placement establish goals and determine project(s) scope, including challenges to be tackled, methodology to be used (experimental method) and timelines. A memoranda of understanding solidifying the terms and conditions of the Fellowship arrangement is signed.

Did you know?

Fellows remain employees of the Privy Council Office for the duration of their tenure in the Fellowship program. This means, host organizations do not need to have a classified position to host a Fellow. This is purely a financial arrangement. No human resources requirement on the part of host organizations.

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Host organizations welcome Fellows into their work unit, as they would any other employee joining their team! Fellows work onsite the host organization’s premises, all the while receiving continued leadership, mentoring and coaching from Impact Canada’s centre of expertise.

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Host organizations reimburse basic salary costs to PCO and assume responsibility for all operating costs (e.g. training, travel, relocation, conferences, etc.) for the duration of the Fellowship arrangement. Federal departments can report associated expenditures to the Treasury Board Secretariat as part of their department’s commitment to experimentation.

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Organizations win.

Organizations leveraging the Impact Canada Fellowship program have benefited from the unique and specialized skillsets of individuals with experience in rigorous program design and evaluation and in building capacity in organizations. Fellows remain Privy Council Office employees throughout their placements, ensuring a valuable connection to Impact Canada and central agencies.


Impact Canada has realigned internal resources to support government efforts on COVID-19. As a result, the call for placement proposals has been temporarily put on hold. Impact Canada will communicate the relaunch of the call for placements as soon as operations normalize.

Placement proposals received prior to this hold will be kept on file and will not need to be resubmitted upon relaunch.

Organizations interested in submitting placement proposals amidst this hold can still do so by accessing the form at the link below.


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Organizations interested in submitting placement proposals amidst this hold can still do so by accessing the form at the link below.

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