Astronaut with plant in space

“It seems impossible until it’s done” : how space exploration could help reduce food insecurity on Earth

Blog | Clélia Cothier, Challenge Prize Fellow | | Open

Luna Yu

How a Scarborough facility is converting food waste into biodegradable plastics

CBC | | Open

Astronaut with plant in space

The Future of Food

The Future of Food | | Open

Six people sitting at a desk working together

The Demographic Landscape of Impact Canada’s Fellowship Program

Blog | Julia Bovaird, Junior Analyst | | Open

Astronaut with plant in space

What do we eat in space? (French only)

Radio Canada | | Open

Emma Littler

Meet the IIU’s Behavioural Science Fellow: Emma Littler

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

Anthony Murkar

Meet the IIU’s Behavioural Science Fellow: Anthony Murkar

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

Person picking up compost from a bin

Bonfield residents set to get scrappy with food waste

BayToday | | Open


Membertou wants to revive seal hunt that's been put on ice

CBC | | Open

Astronaut in space with medical symbols

The Canadian Space Agency unveils the Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

SpaceQ | | Open

Nolan D'Souza

Meet the IIU’s New Challenge Prize Fellow: Nolan D’Souza

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

Vivian Harbers

Meet the IIU’s New Challenge Prize Fellow: Vivian Harbers

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

David St. Jacques

Deep Space Healthcare Challenge

CTV News | | Open

Elliot MacDonell

Meet the IIU’s New Behavioural Science Fellow: Elliot MacDonell

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

Assortment of vegetables

Manitoba company receives federal dollars to pursue food waste reduction technology

Global News | | Open

County of Wellington Administration Centre

Wellington County sees early success with its food waste collection program

GuelphToday | | Open

Katie Harper

Meet the IIU’s Behavioural Science Fellow: Katie Harper

Blog | Impact Canada | | Open

Puzzle of a house

Tapestry receives incubation funding for CMHC Housing Supply Challenge

The Tapestry Community Capital | | Open

Machine growing plants in space

A look at the Canadian Space Agency’s Deep Space Food Challenge

SpaceQ | | Open

Astronaut with serving plate

The challenge of food in deep space: Report by Rose St-Pierre (French only)

Radio-Canada | | Open