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"The fact that I am part of a cohort of individuals who share the same level of experience has been one of the most valuable aspects of the Fellowship program for me."

Impact Canada Fellow

Four discrete disciplines

Impact Canada’s centre of expertise recruits new talent and skills into the public service to help advance the Government’s agenda in four discrete disciplines. If you are interested in applying your specialized skills to help advance government priorities and influence a shift in policy and program approaches to help address complex challenges, this opportunity may be for you!

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Behavioural Insights

Behavioural Insights applies the findings of psychology, economics, and other social sciences to the work of government. Insights are tested using rigorous experimental methodologies to understand what works in driving better public policy outcomes for Canadians.

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Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance is the strategic blending of public, private, philanthropic, and not-for-profit capital and resources to achieve positive economic, social, and/or environmental outcomes. This includes the application of impact investing and social finance, and can also include the use of pay-for-success instruments, where payments are contingent on funding recipients achieving outcomes that can improve the lives of Canadians (e.g. impact bonds).

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Impact Measurement

Impact Measurement can include a range of experimental (randomized controlled trials) and quasi-experimental program evaluation methods designed to help attribute outcomes achieved to the delivery of a given program or intervention. In an investment context, it can mean helping to understand the social and/or environmental impacts achieved through social or impact investments, in addition to financial returns.

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Challenge Prizes

Challenge Prizes refers to an incentive-based approach that rewards the first or best solution to a specific problem, based on a set of pre-determined criteria. The goal is not only to seek out the best ideas and solutions, but also to ensure that these innovative funding models demonstrate that tangible and measureable results can be achieved for Canadians.

Fellowship program recruitment campaigns

Recruitment campaign notices are published below, as well as on Twitter and LinkedIn. Follow us on social media to keep up to date on openings and submission deadlines!

Caption text
Launch Date Discipline Application Deadline Status
2019-04-08 Challenge Prize 2019-04-19  Completed
2018-10-26 Innovative Finance 2018-11-09  Completed
2018-10-26 Behavioural insights 2018-11-09  Completed
2018-05-09 Impact measurement 2018-05-23  Completed
2018-03-01 Innovative finance 2018-03-21  Completed
2018-01-17 Behavioural insights 2018-02-02  Completed