Overview of the Impact Canada Initiative

Announced in Budget 2017, the Impact Canada Initiative is a Government of Canada-wide effort that will help departments accelerate the adoption of innovative funding approaches to deliver meaningful results to Canadians.

This Impact Canada challenge platform is a core component of the initiative. It allows Government of Canada departments to issue challenges on a common site and reach a diverse group of problem solvers and innovators.

The Government of Canada is launching two initial program streams as part of Impact Canada:

  • A Smart Cities Challenge program stream to help communities of all sizes to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. This stream is delivered by Infrastructure Canada and will contribute $300M in funding over 11 years. The first phase of the Smart Cities Challenge has been launched.
  • A clean technology program stream to drive new solutions in areas such as climate change, green growth, and applying new technologies to reduce negative environmental impacts. This stream is delivered by Natural Resources Canada and will contribute $75 million in funding over four years. A series of challenges will be posted on this platform over this time period.

Further programs and projects will be led through the Impact Canada Initiative over time.

The Impact Canada Initiative is led by a Centre of Expertise housed within the Impact and Innovation Unit of the Privy Council Office, which also manages this platform in partnership with Government of Canada departments.