Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kind of solutions is the Challenge expecting?

The diversity of production practices – regional conditions and varying soil types across farms in Canada  – means there is no “one size fits all” solution for reducing methane emissions.  Solutions to the Challenge could include novel feed additives, improvements to existing feed additives, improved forage quality and feed efficiency, novel grazing practices (like rotational grazing), winter or extended feeding, rethinking pasture quality, improved animal health, breeding innovations, or technologies that effectively administer feed additives and supplements … and more! The Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge is designed to deliver grant funding to a wide range of applicants and solutions to be used by the cattle sector across the country.  

2. How do I submit an application?

Applications will be accepted through the online application form on the Impact Canada website. For guidance on filling out the applicant form, please refer to the Applicant Guide. The Guide is designed to explain the process, the terms and conditions, and include detailed instructions to complete the application form.

3. I have an idea, but I am not currently affiliated with a legally incorporated entity in Canada, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, individuals and groups are eligible to apply. However, if your idea is selected to advance to a prize, in order to receive funding you will have to incorporate in Canada. For information on federal incorporation in Canada, please refer to this link to the website of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada:

4. I am a non-Canadian individual/entity, am I eligible to apply?

Yes, international applicants are eligible to apply to the Challenge. However, if your idea is selected to advance to a prize, in order to receive funding, you will have to incorporate in Canada. Ideas and concepts can originate from anywhere globally, but applicants will be required to test, demonstrate, and deploy their solutions in Canada. The outcomes/results need to be of benefit to Canadians.

For information on federal incorporation in Canada, please check the following link:

5. If I apply as part of the team with someone affiliated with another legal entity, how will the funding be awarded?

Grant agreements will be negotiated with the Lead Applicant only. Any arrangements between the Lead Applicant and Team members are strictly the responsibility of the Lead Applicant. AAFC is not liable for any outcome from those arrangements.

6. Can I get feedback on my application before the application deadline?

No. As a competitive process, and to ensure transparency and fairness, individual feedback on in-progress applications will not be provided.

7. How will my intellectual property be protected?

Any intellectual property created by a Challenge participant will remain the property of the participant.

AAFC will not disclose information which the participant identifies and consistently treats as being confidential information except where required by law or with the participant’s consent. Should the information provided by the participant be subject to an access to information request, AAFC will treat the participant’s information (such as trade secrets, information of a financial, commercial, scientific or technical nature or information whose disclosure could prevent the securing, patenting or publishing of intellectual property) in accordance with the provisions of the Access to Information Act which namely includes provisions exempting the disclosure of confidential business information.

AAFC will enter into non-disclosure agreements with any external review committee members or others involved in the assessment process to protect the applicants’ confidential business information.

8. Are applicants selected on a rolling basis, or, will project selections only begin once the application deadline has closed?

Selection of applicants will begin once the application deadline has closed. Applications will not be reviewed and selected prior to the deadline.

9. If I have other questions who can I contact?

If you have additional questions, please contact us by email: Agricultural Methane Reduction Challenge: or by telephone: 1-877-246-4682.