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The Impact Canada challenge platform is a core component of the initiative. It allows Government of Canada departments to issue challenges on a common site and reach a diverse group of problem solvers and innovators.

Government of Canada Departments

We are looking to bring together a diverse range of partners to identify shared problems.

For governments and organizations that wish to consider contributing towards the development and potential co-funding of challenges, but that do not have prior engagement with a Government of Canada (GoC) department, the Impact and Innovation Unit in the Privy Council Office is available to discuss partnership opportunities that may be open.

GoC Partners

Non-Governmental Organizations

The Impact Canada Initiative promotes partnerships with a diverse set of stakeholders.

The Impact Canada Initiative is led by a Centre of Expertise housed within the Impact and Innovation Unit of the Privy Council Office, which also manages this platform in partnership with Government of Canada departments.

Our purpose is to help departments develop innovative funding opportunities that bring together the best ideas and brightest talent and reward those organizations and individuals that deliver high impact results for Canadians.

Non-GoC Partners


Impact Canada is driving a shift in the way the Government of Canada uses new policy and program tools to help address complex public policy challenges. With a focus on “the how,” Impact Canada supports departments to build results-driven approaches that work for Canadians.

The IIU houses the Centre of Expertise for the Impact Canada Initiative to work with departments in applying innovative financing approaches, new partnership models, impact measurement methodologies and behavioural insights in priority areas for the Government of Canada.

The IIU is seeking academics and senior leaders in their field to provide advice and direction on project work. As an Affiliate, you will be able to apply your work to improve government and have the opportunity to publish results.

The Affiliate’s opportunity is non-renumerated and is on an ad hoc, as needed basis.

Key advantages to becoming an Affiliate

  • opportunity for you to gain insights into the macheniry of Government
  • opportunity to contribute your expertise on specific government priority issues

Want to become an Affiliate?

If you are interested in becoming an Affiliate with the IIU, we invite you to tell us about our area of expertise, and we may reach out to you to collaborate on a specific priority or project.

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