How it works

Challenges offer funding and other resources to help innovators put their ideas into action

The Government of Canada is issuing challenges to Canadians and global innovators to generate innovative solutions to some of the biggest issues that face Canadians and their communities. These challenges reward the best ideas and focus on achieving stronger social, environmental, and economic outcomes for citizens.

In general, funding available through each challenge will fall under the rules that pertain to grants and contributions funding within the Government of Canada and the Terms and Conditions of Impact Canada led by the Privy Council Office.

The Government of Canada launched two signature program streams as part of Impact Canada:

  • A Smart Cities Challenge program stream to help communities of all sizes to improve the lives of their residents through innovation, data and connected technology. This stream is delivered by Infrastructure Canada and will contribute $300M in funding over 11 years.
  • A clean technology program stream to drive new solutions in 5 discrete areas, posted on the main page This stream is delivered by Natural Resources Canada and will contribute $75 million in funding over four years.

Further programs and projects will be managed through Impact Canada over time and will be showcased on the main landing page.