Getting Started Reference Materials

The reference materials listed here are intended to provide some background and context about barriers in the pre-development process for participants in the Getting Started round. Some of these documents were consulted in designing the round, and together they describe a variety of longstanding pre-development barriers in communities across Canada. These resources may provide a starting point for participants in thinking about potential solutions, and may also be helpful for the section of the application form that asks participants to consider how their solution is informed by or builds on previous work.

Use of these references is not mandatory, and CMHC does not endorse these documents, or the ideas discussed within, as definitive sources for this round.

CMHC Publications

The following references are CMHC publications, and are available in both official languages. Applicants may also wish to consult CMHC’s Housing Knowledge Centre for additional resources.

The following CMHC resources are research highlights. Full reports for some of these topics may also be available via CMHC’s Housing Knowledge Centre.

External References

Links to websites not under the control of the Government of Canada or CMHC are provided solely for the convenience of participants. CMHC is not responsible for the accuracy, official language availability, currency, or reliability of the content. CMHC does not offer any guarantee in that regard and is not responsible for the information found through these links, nor does it endorse the sites and their content. Before using such websites, you should review their terms of use and privacy policies.